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3 Factors to Consider Before Hiring Mid-level Practitioners

As more Americans acquire insurance coverage, physicians are beginning to feel overwhelmed in their efforts to accommodate the growing demand for patient care. One good strategy is to delegate responsibility.

However, hiring another physician for your practice or clinic may not be a viable option in today’s healthcare market. A better strategy is to add a mid-level practitioner, like a nurse practitioner (NP) or physician assistant (PA), to your staff.

Establish the Provider’s Purpose

The needs and goals of your healthcare facility should be identified in order to determine how your NP or PA will contribute. Whether you are planning on extending services or are attracting a different type of patient, examining these issues before hiring someone will help pinpoint any gaps in customer care that your mid-level practitioner can fill.

Determine the Scope

Laws vary from state to state regarding who an NP or PA is allowed to treat and what they can diagnose. The same goes for the amount of physician supervision required and which medications can be prescribed. It’s important to determine whether or not your mid-level practitioner is authorized to perform certain services and if a new staff addition will be able to alleviate or create more stress for you.

Analyze Cost vs. Benefits

Finances should always be taken into consideration before you hire. Do the benefits of hiring a new NP or PA offset the cost? Staffing your facility with a new provider is a budgetary obligation and justifying that cost is crucial as you pursue options for hiring an NP or PA for your private practice or healthcare system.

The ability to meet demands of a growing patient population and adding new services means your new hire can play an important role in securing customer satisfaction.

Success for Your Healthcare Facility

Hiring a mid-level practitioner is a good business move for your practice. However, the demand for these providers continues to grow, so it is absolutely vital to have a well-designed hiring strategy. Doing so will ensure that the role for your new staff member is properly outlined to determine if he/she is a good fit for your facility.

At NP PA Recruiters, we understand the importance of these roles when it comes to boosting your facility’s productivity. Our ultimate goal is to help build lasting relationships for both you and your patients.