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3 Tips to Boost Your Healthcare Organization’s Retention Rate

Healthcare employers at critical access hospitals, rural health clinics and community health centers have plenty to worry about without having to deal with potential employee turnover. However, the danger of losing valuable healthcare professionals does exist for organizations doing little to retain them.

The following tips can improve employee retention and reduce the risk of turnover at your healthcare organization.

Keep an Eye Out for Unhappy Employees

Unhappy employees will more than likely make an effort to pursue jobs with other healthcare providers in your area. Some signs to look out for include staff members who often miss work or those who display no desire to contribute to the success of your organization. Take a proactive approach by keeping an eye out for those unhappy employees and doing your best to meet their concerns or issues.

Hire Supervisors with People Skills

Relationships with immediate supervisors are important to any employee. While hiring senior staff members with leadership skills is essential for your organization’s success, it’s also critical that they possess good communication skills as well as the ability to be levelheaded and understanding. Offer training options that focus on these skills to improve employee retention.

Recruit Wisely

Whether your hospital or private practice is hiring a nurse practitioner or physician assistant, seek out a professional who not only has the qualifications, but is also a great fit with the department and culture of your organization. It wouldn’t hurt to include relevant staff members in the interview, ask behavioral questions and have an open discussion about the potential employee’s expectations.

Find Top Healthcare Candidates

At NP PA Recruiters, we understand how important it is to boost your retention rate by recruiting top quality healthcare professionals for your organization.

Our goal is to ease the recruitment process by identifying the best nurse practitioners and physician assistants for permanent placement at your clinic or hospital. Contact us at 214-351-3880 to find out more about our recruitment services.