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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Healthcare Professionals

As your healthcare organization’s hiring manager, wanting professionals who will bring their best skills to your practice and offer excellent services for every patient should be your main goals. Settling for anything less can potentially fill your workplace with unprofessional attitudes, poor skills and questionable work ethics. Not to mention, it could cost around $7,000 to replace an employee. So what common hiring mistakes should you look out for to avoid employing mediocre workers? The recruiting professionals of NP PA Recruiters have the answers you’re looking for.

Inaccurate Job Descriptions

Underwhelming performances from your healthcare professionals is the first sign that you’ve probably made a bad hire, but an inaccurate or incomplete job description may also be to blame. According to a survey conducted by staffing services company Robert Half, 36% of hiring managers understand that bad skill matches are the first factor in bad hires, while 30% believe poor job objectives are to blame. To help avoid this problem, thoroughly detail and highlight the responsibilities and duties of a position along with the skills you’re seeking before advertising a position.

Rushing the Pre-Screening Process

According to the National Business Research Institute, the need to quickly fill a position is another cause for bad hires. Organizations may sometimes cut the interview process short and skip the phone-screening process due to overwhelming amounts of patients and shortened staff. To avoid bad hires, establish a 15- to 30-minute phone interview to pick out candidates you’d want to skip.

Settling for a Good Interview

It’s important to refrain from hiring a candidate based on the interview alone. While this tool can be very helpful, you must get a feel for their professional abilities through tests that will evaluate their skills in work-related situations. You may find personality assessments helpful in determining how well a candidate will incorporate with your existing team as well as hands-on exercises in a professional setting that will evaluate their professional skills.

Ignoring References

A bad hire can potentially affect your employee morale, patient relationships and company revenue. Avoid hiring candidates based on a “good hunch”. Instead, take the time to study and assess every reference they bring to the table to determine how their previous employment history will affect your workplace.

Let Us Help You

At NP PA Recruiters, we understand the hiring process can be long and tedious, but we want to help you make the decisions to pick out the best candidates available. Let our team of healthcare recruiters put their skills to use for your nurse practitioner and physician assistant recruitment needs. For more information about our services, contact NP PA Recruiters today.