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A Way with Words: Grammar Tips for Your NP-PA Resume

Your healthcare resume is more than just a reflection of your skills and experience. The way it’s written is almost as equally important. Communication skills are vital in any industry and using proper grammar is a great way to display those skills to potential employers. They are looking for healthcare professionals with the best experience, skills, and personalities that will fit in with the rest of the team. The best way to demonstrate that is by how you’ve formed your resume.

Guidelines to Follow

It’s strictly forbidden to forego basic grammar skills when creating a resume for that nurse practitioner or physician assistant position. The following are just a few tips to remember when composing your NP or PA resume.

  • Find Your Voice and Use It – Your resume is a reflection of who are as a person and as a healthcare professional. Shy away from using dull and generic phrases and use your own words to show your strengths to highlight your professional experience. In other words, formulate your resume as you see fit rather than creating what a potential employer has seen countless times before.
  • Never Lose Sight of the Subject – Consider the position you are seeking and adjust your language accordingly. Correlate your experience with the job you are applying for and include information that is relevant to the specialty that position entails.
  • Skip Abbreviations – Spell your words out in their entirety. Avoid using abbreviations unless they pertain to the healthcare industry. Acronyms are common in the healthcare field and some of the more common ones, such as ER (emergency room), are acceptable.
  • Active vs. Passive – Taking on an active voice when forming your healthcare resume will help yours stand out above the rest. A passive voice is not the best way to phrase your thoughts and will not get your potential employer’s attention. Use “I” when referring to yourself to make your statements active and personal.
  • The Simpler the Better – Avoid making your resume too complicated.  Only include information that is necessary and to the point. Healthcare professionals are busy and do not have time for overloaded resumes. Keep yours from getting lost in the sea of resumes by maintaining simplicity, but uniqueness, throughout.

It won’t hurt to polish off the old grammar skills when writing your healthcare resume. This will ensure that yours does not become lost amongst the others. Follow these simple guidelines and write your way to a more successful career as an NP or PA.

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