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Attract Top Talent with These Simple Strategies

The competition amongst today’s healthcare employers for recruiting top quality candidates has become intense lately. Hiring managers know that the best talent possesses qualities that allow them to bring something new to the table. What they don’t know is that something as simple as social proofing job listings can have an impact on recruitment. “Social proof” is the term psychologists use to define our tendency to follow the lead of people we identify with and trust. It is a source of persuasion, according to Robert Cialdini’s 2006 book, Influence.

Things to Consider

Hiring managers are willing to do just about anything to employ the best candidates for their company. One thing to consider is that the candidates you are trying to attract, such as nurse practitioners (NPs) or physician assistants (PAs), may already be employed elsewhere. As the hiring manager, it can be a challenge to convince qualified candidates to choose your company over others. Change is not easy and a majority of people shy away from it. Also, the manner in which career postings are presented (via proof of claims) can either guarantee interest or kill it.

Candidates Need Proof

Detailed job postings may seem intriguing at first, though candidates may see right through them. Claims such as “excellent benefits”, “professional business culture”, and “strong work values” appear nice on a description. For a potential healthcare employee, it may be nothing more than just words. Claims made in these postings are unproven and the best candidates will require proof of accuracy before they commit. People are not motivated by organizational evidence, but by social proof. If people see others they can relate to doing certain things, they will be more inclined to do the same.

It Makes a Difference

Candidates will most likely follow the lead of others, but only if that lead comes from a source they know and trust. The only source that matters to top talent is their peers. They may not know these people on a personal level, but they do share a common professional interest, vocabulary, value set and outlook. Peers can be trusted because, from a top performer’s perspective, they are professionally relatable.

Create the Perfect Career Posting

As mentioned before, career postings for healthcare positions filled with generic terms can cause a candidate to lack interest. Stay away from vocabulary that highlights job requirements and duties. Instead, concentrate on the following:

  • Explain how the candidate will benefit from working for your company
  • Describe opportunities for learning and accomplishment
  • Peer testimonials are a huge plus
  • Mention who their colleagues will be
  • Include details about employee recognition and rewards programs

Top performers in any industry want to know and trust their employers. A career posting that contains these elements will certainly intrigue the candidates you want for your organization.

Make a Lasting Impact

In today’s social media-driven environment, social proof plays a crucial role in the battle for top quality healthcare candidates. As a hiring manager, it is in your best interest to learn how social proof affects the recruiting process for healthcare career candidates, specifically NPs and PAs. Persuade potential employees to make the change by social proofing your recruitment efforts.