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Boosting a Curriculum Vitae: How to Land That NP or PA Job

Nurse practitioners or physician assistants who have recently completed their training program(s) and are seeking employment should arm themselves with a well-written Curriculum Vitae (CV). A CV is similar to a resume; however, these forms tend to be longer and more detailed. They are vital to the success of any job search as they include a much more detailed insight into the job seeker’s profile. The quality of a CV can make the difference between obtaining an interview and being passed over for another candidate.

CV Writing for Maximum Effectiveness

The hiring process is expensive and time-consuming for employers. Employers view a CV as a thorough reflection of a candidate. The quality of the CV is equated with the quality of the candidate. They carefully analyze these forms to confirm they have chosen the best possible candidate for the job. The following are just a few things to keep in mind when preparing your CV.

Formatting Can Make or Break You

The way a CV is formatted says a lot about a candidate. A form that is not formatted properly is guaranteed to end up in the discarded pile. Hiring managers want to be able to quickly scan over a CV to confirm if the PA is a good fit. If it is disorganized and difficult to read, it will not be considered. An impressive CV has a consistent format throughout, bold headers and is in chronological order.

Be Selective about Information

Take caution regarding what information goes into the CV. Many new PAs mistakenly fill theirs to make them longer. Recruiters do not want to know that a physician assistant once worked as a dance instructor. They want relevant information. If the information is not relevant to the job, it should be left out. It is better to have a short CV than to have one with unrelated information.

Each Job Deserves Its Own CV

Every job is different and deserves its own customized CV. One that has been written for a job at a gynecologist’s office should not be the same as one for a job at an orthopedic surgeon’s practice. Candidates should customize their resume for each job they are applying for. This may seem time-consuming but is worth the effort in the long run. It shows employers that you care enough about the job to create a custom CV.

Stand Out with a Good Summary Paragraph

Recruiters look over numerous CVs when they are trying to fill open positions. A great way to stand out amongst the competition is with a well-written summary paragraph. Think of it as a sales pitch. If the summary paragraph is not appealing, the recruiter may not even bother reading the rest. Summary paragraphs should highlight the PA’s education, career and accomplishments.

The Power of First Impressions

CVs are all about organizing information in an effective manner. First impressions are powerful and a candidate’s CV is the first piece of professional documentation they will present to their potential employer. The form will allow the hiring manager to see the candidate as a person and as a medical professional. If the employer must choose amongst a pool of several candidates, it is crucial that a CV is effective in selling qualifications to show that an applicant is the best person for the position.

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