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Healthcare Hiring Trends Employers Should Anticipate in 2014

Making an informed decision regarding your staffing needs is about to be a little easier. The healthcare industry is one that is undergoing many changes due to the Affordable Care Act, and the demand for healthcare services is going to be greater than ever before. Hospitals and clinics will be directly impacted when it comes to hiring quality nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs), which is why it would be wise for employers to take current hiring trends into consideration. Here is a look at what is expected to happen in the healthcare industry in 2014.  

Primary Care in Demand

Primary care will soon become a priority in the healthcare industry thanks to the Affordable Care Act. The employment of NPs and PAs by healthcare providers is expected to increase to accommodate the influx of patients who will be seeking primary care services. Industry experts also foresee a change in state legislature that will allow NPs and PAs to obtain licenses to practice independently of doctors in order to meet the service demands of new patients.

Retiring Baby Boomers Open Numerous Possibilities

As more and more baby boomers are edging closer towards retirement, the demographics in the healthcare industry are likely to shift in the next few years. A study conducted by the ADP Retirement Research Institute revealed that 20.3% of today’s healthcare workforce is expected to retire within the next five years. ADP estimates that over 3 million positions within the healthcare industry will need filling.

Shift Towards Outpatient Care

Another significant trend in healthcare employment that insiders have noticed is the decrease of hospital job availability while outpatient care services have seen an increase in job numbers. Hospital jobs make up about 30% of employment in the industry. However, outpatient care may soon make up a significant percentage of healthcare jobs if trends continue as expected. Freestanding emergency medical centers and kidney dialysis centers are two examples of outpatient care services that saw a 6% increase this past year.

A Bright Future

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