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Opportunities on the Horizon: Finding the Perfect Mid-level Practitioner Job

The mid-level practitioner shortage is an ongoing topic in the job market. Job seekers may think locating proper employment is difficult for both new or seasoned nurse practitioners and physician assistants. This may be true for a mid-level practitioner satisfied with taking any available job he or she can find. As with any other profession, however, there are some positions that seem more appealing as they offer better pay, flexible scheduling and a better work environment.

Helpful Tips for Job Seekers

The competition for the most sought-after jobs is fierce, to say the least. Finding one takes patience, experience and the proper presentation. Here are some helpful tips for job seekers to score the position they have always wanted:

  • Experience—For mid-level practitioners, experience is key. Entry-level jobs available for new candidates keep them at the lower end of the totem pole until they gain some experience. Candidates should make the best of their time and gain as much experience as they can. In the end, finding their dream job will be easier and less overwhelming.
  • Creating a Resume—A resume is a chance to present yourself on paper. Resumes should be specifically tailored for the sought-after position. It should highlight the relevant experience and education by directly connecting them to the position as well. Candidates who are already familiar with the job they are seeking should begin to search for opportunities which will improve their resume.
  • Practice Interviewing Skills—A practice interview is a great tool to use in order to prepare for the real thing. A quick online search for a typical set of interview questions can help candidates prepare possible responses. Try to focus on being articulate, demonstrating knowledge of the position and putting forth an attitude of confidence. Always accommodate for the possibility that an interviewer’s line of questioning will not be what is expected. If this happens, it will be your time to shine with your unique responses.
  • Employee Networking—If the position is local or within the facility where candidates are currently employed, they should take advantage of the opportunities to network with those who have any ties to the position. The idea is to get to know key individuals who are already aware of who the job seeker is and what he/she has to offer prior to applying for the job.
  • Be Persistent—Persistence is key. Every job lost to another candidate is only another opportunity to gain more experience. Further establish a web of networking to become better prepared for the next opportunity. Always be persistent and never give up.

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The mid-level practitioner field is one where plenty of opportunities exist. Nevertheless, to find the best jobs, be the best candidate. NP PA Recruiters is dedicated to connecting qualified candidates with their perfect job. For more information about our NP and PA recruitment services, contact us at (956) 772-1400 or (214) 351-3880.