Facebook Red Flags That Can Eliminate Jobseekers from the NP PA Candidate Pool

Red Flags That Can Eliminate Jobseekers from the NP PA Candidate Pool

The future certainly looks promising for mid-level healthcare providers. According to estimates, the Affordable Care Act will bring an influx of 32 million new patients early next year. While both new and experienced NPs and PAs can expect job opportunities to be plentiful for the future, jobseekers are still likely to face competition for the best positions. If a candidate’s job history contains any of these red flags, an employer may quickly remove them from the candidate pool.

Employment Gaps Show Unreliability

Any unemployment gaps can lead to questions that may catch a candidate off guard. If a PA shows a job gap of six months or more on their resume, hiring managers may wonder why he/she may have left their previous position before securing a new one. It may not be possible to eliminate employment gaps from a resume. If this is the case, it is important to always be prepared to offer a proper explanation in the cover letter or interview.

Frequent Job Switching is a Negative

A history of jumping rapidly from one position to the next will lead a hiring manager to question whether a candidate has what it takes to do the job. Employers may suspect the candidate is being unrealistic in their expectations, is difficult to work with or lacks the necessary commitment to succeed in the healthcare industry. Healthcare employers always seek someone they can depend on to hold a position for long periods of time as high turnover rates reflect negatively on the industry.

Long-term Unemployment Reflects Poorly

More than 4 million Americans deal with long-term unemployment in the current economy. It is unfortunate that some hiring managers still question whether an unemployment situation is or is not the fault of a job candidate. If a resume shows current unemployment, the professional screening the candidate will inquire how the candidate’s time is being spent. Job searching is an obvious explanation but time spent volunteering or earning an advanced degree are better ways to spend time when unemployed.

Choose References Wisely

A list of professional references that include peers rather than direct supervisors is a major red flag for any healthcare hiring manager. He or she may wonder as to why a skilled nurse practitioner is hesitant to list a direct supervisor as a reference. Professional references prove to be more valuable in a resume due to the fact that they have worked closely with a candidate and can attest to their professional abilities.

Make Sure to Meet Experience-Related Requirements

Everyone has to start somewhere. Little to no experience in the field may be a red flag for employers in the healthcare industry. They enforce minimum job specifications for a reason and if it so happens that a candidate’s experience fails to meet those expectations, he/she may miss out on that career opportunity. It is better to be overqualified than under qualified for a job. If a candidate’s experience meets the minimum requirements, the chances of scheduling an interview will be relatively high.

Utilize that Cover Letter

If a candidate’s resume contains any of the aforementioned red flags, they may still be able to prevent them from becoming serious issues. A cover letter is a great place to accomplish this. For example, if a nurse practitioner has taken a break from his or her career to care for an ailing family member, it can very well be mentioned in their cover letter. Unemployed candidates are encouraged to write about how his/her time is being spent, especially if they have been volunteering or furthering their education.

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