Facebook Smarter Recruiting: Strategies to Simplify Your Staffing Efforts

Smarter Recruiting: Strategies to Simplify Your Staffing Efforts

The quality of patient care is dependent on the combined efforts of your organization’s staff members and for this reason, it’s important for employers to utilize smarter recruiting strategies. In the healthcare industry, recruiting and retaining top talent is the key to quality care and better patient satisfaction scores. Nurse practitioner (NP) and physician assistant (PA) recruitment is becoming more difficult as the demand for both professions increase each year, so here are some strategies to help make your recruitment process run smoother.

Create a Great Place to Work

Always remember that your organization’s reputation is important, whether it’s a hospital, clinic, or private practice. The majority of career seekers are swayed by an organization’s reputation and accomplishments. Don’t shy away from showcasing the excellent reputation your workplace has. If your organization is known for being a great place to work, you’ll have an easier time recruiting candidates who fit well with the workplace’s culture and values.

Keep Current Employees Happy

There is a direct correlation between employee happiness and patient happiness within the healthcare industry. A lack of employee satisfaction can have a significant impact on your organization’s morale as well as your recruitment and retention efforts. Employees whose behavior exemplifies your organization’s culture and values should be acknowledged for their efforts and recognized for their successes. When you reinforce your employees’ efforts, they are more likely to exceed performance expectations.

Know the Importance of Educational and Professional Development

The best talent and patient outcomes are easier to secure when organizations invest in employee education and professional development. It’s not only an investment in their future, but yours as well. Educational and professional development opportunities not only help your employees advance professionally, they also strengthen your organization by developing talent from within.

A Professional Solution for Your Staffing Needs

Healthcare organizations often have an overwhelming number of vacancies that need quick filling in order to maintain compliant staffing levels and quality patient care. Maintain your focus on current employees and leave staffing concerns to our recruitment agency. The recruitment and retention of top NPs and PAs for your healthcare organization is our priority. Speak with one of our consultants today to find out more about our staffing solutions.