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Staying Positive During Your Career Search

Career searches can be a trying time for anybody. Filling out applications, countless hours spent working on your resume and sending it all into what feels like a black hole can be extremely stressful.

As the number of new nurse practitioner (NPs) and physician assistant (PAs) graduates grows, it also means more people competing for jobs. Keeping your composure during a search can go a long way to keeping you sane while trying to land that perfect position. Though it can be hard, here are some tips on how to keep moving forward.

Job searches can be tough but composure goes a long way. Let us help you find that perfect career.

Remain Upbeat

It’s easy to sink into sadness when you receive another rejection letter. It’s not a good feeling, but it could be remedied with some perspective. According to Forbes, an average job posting can receive up to 118 applicants. Out of those 118, only 20% will proceed to the interview stage. The lesson here is that sometimes the numbers just don’t work in your favor, don’t take rejection personally.

Tailor Your Message

Always keep in mind the tone of your application and how it aligns with the company. Do your research and make sure you reference exactly how your skills line up with the position you’re looking for and the values of the company. The more personalized your application looks, the more likely it will stand out from the crowd.

Always Follow Up

Without being a nuisance (calling 10 times should be avoided), always make sure to get in contact with someone about your application. Not only do you want to make sure that your materials were received, but it opens a dialog with people you need to be talking to. You never know when a check-in will turn into an impromptu interview.

Let Us Help

At NP PA Recruiters, we’re here to help you find that dream career. We’ll set you up with a personal consultant who will be available to you 24/7 to keep you and your resume looking good. If you want to get started on getting hired, contact us online or call 956.772.1400.