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The Benefits of Hiring a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant

The medical industry is expanding at rates that far exceed the amount of physicians available for practice. Recent years have increasingly demonstrated the need for a cost-effective and practical solution capable of creating an ideal balance between high patient demand and quality care. Hiring a nurse practitioner (NP) or physician assistant (PA) can prove tremendously beneficial for any practice wishing to expand or simply keep up with the fast-paced force of the medical industry.

Think Money Smart: NP and PA Cost Effectiveness

Hire an NP or PA for your practice to yield dramatic financial savings. Research data reports NP and PA cost effectiveness play a critical role in the developing workforce. Before you hire a physician, consider these financial savvy benefits:

  • Decreased salary expenses – Skip the hassles of negotiating high pay with a physician and cut salary expenses nearly in half. Compared to $175,000 for physicians, base salary for NPs and PAs is approximately $90,000 and $105,000, respectively.
  • Higher annual revenue – Increase annual revenue by more than $1.6 million per 100,000 patients when you bring on an NP to the team. Settle for nothing but double the revenue.
  • Lower insurance and liability rates – Save an estimated one-third in liability rate with the hire of a PA and malpractice claim rates with the hire of an NP, rather than a physician.

Higher Patient Satisfaction: A Model NP-PA Workforce

A positive patient experience is oftentimes the foundation of a successful practice. NPs and PAs target patient satisfaction with integrity and compassion. NPs and PAs inspire patient confidence and a comfortable health care environment for all patients to enjoy. NP-PA perks that boost patient satisfaction include:

  • Establish solid relationships – NPs and PAs take the time to cultivate healthy relationships with patients for a total understanding of their condition and needs.
  •  Decrease physician workload – Physicians see a multitude of patients daily and NPs and PAs take a significant amount of workload off their shoulders while lessening waiting times for increased access to care.
  • Intent communication – NPs and PAs relay medical information, prevention strategies, treatment side effects, and medical regimens with clarity to avoid all and any confusion in patients.

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