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The NP-PA Workforce, Changing the Face of the Medical Industry

The physician workforce is no longer a high-powered machine, but rather a broken system geared towards substantial failure by 2020. Experts predict a loss of over 45,000 primary care physicians within the next seven years. The United States may face a healthcare crash amidst the potential loss of family doctors. Recent reports reveal the need for at least 50,000 doctors by 2025 to meet the demands of the aging U.S. population. Times are tough and an effective solution is quickly being sought.

The NP-PA Cost Effective Solution is Breaking Barriers

The medical industry is currently undergoing a dramatic facelift set to reflect the new NP-PA workforce. Nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) were introduced as health professionals in the 1960s. NPs and PAs are on a trajectory path towards an influx of job employment like never before seen. Many medical industry experts sustain their complete ability to provide patient care and perform medical requirements with the same proficiency a primary care physician provides. NP-PA cost effectiveness is simply a plus as they require less salary pay than the average physician. The NP-PA profession is forecasted to break the barriers of limitations in practice.

Drastic Change in Tumultuous Times

NPs and PAs are qualified providers who oftentimes take the role of a primary care physician. In light of the shortage, an increase in NP-PA job demand can work to the medical industry’s advantage. However, restrictions in medical care may prevent them from practicing beyond their determined field of study. Reasons as to why the NP-PA workforce is fully capable of performing at the primary care physician level include:

  • Several studies demonstrate NP-provided patient care compares to a primary physician’s throughout various measures of practice.
  • NPs and PAs contribute to cost effectiveness as they require reduced salary wages (compared to care physicians) and resource costs.
  • They promote healthy patient-doctor relationships through unparalleled verbal communication and listening skills aimed to increase confidence in patients.
  • NPs and PAs can perform between 80-85% of primary care physician tasks such as diagnostic test orders, ailment diagnosis and prescribing medication.
  • Both are educated in in-depth concerning complexes, acute and chronic illnesses, health education, disease prevention and other various topics familiar to a primary care physician.

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