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Tips for Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent for Your Organization

Physician assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs) are vital to the success of any healthcare organization. The current demand for professional mid-level practitioners is rather high across the country and organizations are having a difficult time keeping pace with said demand. Now, more than ever, its important for employers to create stronger and more effective strategies for recruiting and retaining top talent for their organization. The following tips will not only benefit your organization, but your patients as well.

Hire a Medical Recruitment Agency

In order to help meet the needs of local communities while providing quality patient care, employers are seeking mid-level practitioners more than ever. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years. Consequently, identifying and hiring top talent will become more challenging.

Outsourcing your search for qualified NPs and PAs to a medical staffing firm is a viable option for employers who want to save time and money. Recruiters take on all aspects of the recruitment and hiring process so that you can focus on running your clinic or hospital.

Build Relationships with Prospective Providers

Many employers attract recent graduates to work with their organization, but when it comes to hiring top students, competition is stiff. Stay ahead of your competitors by establishing relationships with NP and PA students before they earn their degrees. Contact local educational programs and volunteer as a rotation site for students. This gives you the opportunity to evaluate potential employees in a clinical setting and it provides a recruiting advantage amongst your competitors.

Strengthen Retention Through Development

Recruiting quality NPs and PAs will not benefit your organization if the turnover rate is high. Retention should be a top priority for every employer and it is easier to achieve when you engage in the following tasks:

  • Schedule meetings to discuss employee satisfaction
  • Ask for suggestions for improvement within your organization
  • Encourage attendance at networking events and professional seminars

Your employees will continue to develop their skills, which in turn, will benefit your patients and organization.

Our Recruitment Firm, Your Competitive Edge

Organizations taking effective approaches towards NP and PA recruitment will be one step closer to having happier providers and patients. It all starts with making better hires, which is our specialty at NP PA Recruiters.

We help to give you a competitive advantage by recruiting top NPs and PAs for permanent placement within your healthcare organization. You can achieve better recruitment results by contacting NP PA Recruiters and learning more about our staffing solutions.