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Top 4 Tips for a Successful Physician Assistant Job Interview

Job interview jitters can get the best of you. We have all been there – clammy hands, beads of sweat, queasy stomach. The only thing you wish for at that exact moment is the interview to promptly come to an end. Take a deep breath and follow our top 5 listed tips to combat pre-interview nerves. A successful physician assistant job interview begins with preparation and self-awareness to remind yourself that you are perfectly qualified for the position.

Get Your Ducks in a Row

Grab the bull by the horns. Focus on the interview with strict attention and a fierce desire to nab that job. After all, you deserve it. Seemingly never-ending hours studying for exams in libraries and noisy coffee shops, sacrificing family events, fun times with friends and nightmares about failing tests was not in vain. It is time to step up to the plate for a successful job interview.

1. Preparation is King

Do not expect to master an interview without the slightest bit of preparation. Preparation is the part of the equation that demonstrates strong initiative on your behalf. Learn the company inside out by visiting their website. Navigate through the pages to learn about their philosophy, services and goals. The more you know, the more you impress your future boss.

Practice what you are going to say with clarity and confidence in order to answer performance questions properly. Remember, a physician assistant must relay medication information to patients and speak to physicians and staff members daily. Your ability to speak clearly and efficiently is reassuring to the interviewer.

2. Dress to Impress

You would not show up to the beach in a suit and tie, right? So do not show up to an interview in a bathing suit and flip-flops. Personal appearance says a lot about who you are and plays a major role in how a prospective employer perceives you. You have heard it before and we are saying it again, first impressions are everything. Being a professional means dressing like one. Knowing that you look excellent will help soothe nerves.

  • Sport conservative colors such as black, navy blue or gray.
  • Make sure facial hair is well-groomed.
  • Clothing should be well pressed without wrinkles in the fabric.
  • Avoid fashion trends.

3. Remember, You are Qualified

Take note that an employer will not waste precious company time on a person he or she feel is unqualified to fill the position. Walk in with your head held high and assert your competence. Feel empowered by your education, training and skills. They already believe you are a great candidate for the job. All you have to do is show them why you are.

4. Leave Your Ego at the Door

It is true that prospective employers want the scoop on you. What they want more is to hear what you can bring to the table. Do not get caught up in talking about yourself. Take a deep breath and discuss your intended contribution to the practice. Your declared intentions will illustrate a passionate physician assistant ready to tackle the demands of the medical industry.

Assure him/her that you are capable of generating positive patient satisfactory results and effective professional relationships with doctors. Note that honesty is one of the keys to employer approval. Remind the interviewer you are there with a purpose and desire to accept a job offer.

Your Time is Now

Explore our job listings to get started on the path to a successful PA career. Our PA recruitment firm is committed to helping you achieve permanent placement in a medical setting nationwide. Set your sights on the future and give us a call at 956-772-1400 or 214-351-3880 today.