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Iowa Medical Recruitment Agency

The ever-increasing demand for qualified Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Physician Assistants (PAs) continues nationwide. For this reason, NP PA Recruiters has employed efficient recruitment strategies to help employers and candidates in Iowa. Our specialized healthcare recruitment agency’s goal is to staff top quality NPs and PAs in the Hawkeye State.

NP PA Recruiters follows the highest standards when it comes to our recruitment services. We have a proven track record of staffing healthcare organizations while helping quality mid-level practitioners find permanent career placements.

Guiding Success with Industry Knowledge

Working with a recruiting agency for your staffing solutions means your community health center, private practice or rural health clinic can focus on patient satisfaction. NP PA Recruiters has access to a vast network of motivated NPs and PAs in Iowa and is committed to helping you create an effective workforce for your healthcare organization.

Whether you are recruiting mid-level practitioners for your organization, or if you’re a candidate looking to land that dream job, our healthcare recruitment specialists have the industry knowledge to provide the assistance you need.

NPs and PAs in Iowa

At NP PA Recruiters, we make your success our priority. If you’re aggressively seeking a new mid-level practitioner job or need to hire new staff for your hospital or clinic in Iowa, we have the solutions you need to streamline the recruitment process.

Send us an email at info@npparecruiters.com for more information about our mid-level practitioner recruitment processes and services.