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Minnesota Medical Recruitment Agency

There is an unprecedented demand for top-quality Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Physician Assistants (PAs) in Minnesota and across the United States due to a dramatic shift in the healthcare industry. Recognizing this trend, NP PA Recruiters has set out to streamline the recruitment process for qualified mid-level practitioners and healthcare organizations all over the country.

We understand the importance of professional, reliable staffing solutions, which is why our specialized mid-level recruitment agency is one that countless clients continue to rely on.

Minnesota Mid-level Hiring Solutions

Our extensive network of handpicked NPs and PAs in Minnesota, along with our industry expertise, allows NP PA Recruiters to provide your community health center, hospital or private practice with comprehensive recruitment services. In doing so, we aim to have a positive impact on healthcare organizations in Minnesota as well as enhance the careers of qualified mid-level practitioners.

NP and PA Recruitment Services in Minnesota

Your healthcare organization’s recruitment and retention success is extremely important and our mid-level recruitment specialists are ready to partner with you to ensure that your recruitment needs are fulfilled. Whether you are hiring NPs and PAs for your healthcare system, or if you’re a candidate in search of permanent placement, we help pave the way for better opportunities.

To find out why countless healthcare organizations and mid-level practitioners in Minnesota have continually partnered with NP PA Recruiters to accomplish their recruitment goals, e-mail us at info@npparecruiters.com.