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Pennsylvania Medical Recruitment Agency

The growth of the medical industry has made way for an increased demand of reliable and qualified nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) across the country. NP PA Recruiters works to meet this demand. We are a privately owned firm specializing in healthcare recruitment services aimed at connecting mid-level practitioners with healthcare employers in Pennsylvania. Our customized and effective approach in helping career seekers and medical facilities allows us to fulfill their goals for success.

NP PA Recruiters strives to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and candidates because we understand that each has specific needs in the medical industry. Keeping this in mind allows us to find successful career opportunities for mid-level practitioners and permanent employee placement for healthcare facilities. We keep quality characteristics like professionalism and integrity at the heart of what we do so you can rest assured that we have only your best interests in mind.

Recruiting Done Right

As two fast-growing professions in the nation, PAs and NPs are in high demand in Pennsylvania. Healthcare facilities are seeking help from professional recruitment agencies to meet their needs and we’re here to oblige. Staffing hospitals or outpatient clinics with qualified NPs and PAs requires a special combination of resources, expertise and networking that can be found at NP PA Recruiters.

For career seekers, we understand that the market for mid-level practitioners is becoming more advanced and competitive than ever before. Our recruitment specialists can help candidates in Pennsylvania find the right opportunities for career advancement. With access to a vast network of healthcare employers, the chance that our candidates can be matched with an employer who meets their needs and qualifications is much higher.

Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants in Pennsylvania

Our extensive network of healthcare employers and career seekers means that finding the right fit for both is easy and effective. Whether you’re looking to recruit top talent for your healthcare organization or simply need to jumpstart your career in the medical field, we can help.

The experts at NP PA Recruiters create strategies with the goals of our clients and candidates in mind. Speak with an NP PA Recruiters consultant about your recruiting needs by e-mailing info@npparecruiters.com.