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The hiring demand for skilled nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) continues to rise in Salem and nationwide, which is why healthcare employers and mid-level practitioners are counting on NP PA Recruiters for their recruitment needs. Whether you’re staffing an entire health system, or if you’re a candidate in the beginning stages of your career search, our recruitment specialists are dedicated to helping you meet your recruitment goals.


Mid-level Hiring Solutions

We understand the significance of having reliable, professional staffing solutions, which is why countless healthcare organizations and mid-level practitioners in Salem continue to enlist our specialized recruitment services. Our broad network of top-quality NPs and PAs, combined with our industry expertise, makes NP PA Recruiters the right partner for continued recruitment and retention success.

NP and PA Recruitment Services in Salem

It is the goal of our agency to make a positive impact on Salem’s healthcare organizations while helping advance long-term careers for mid-level practitioners. Whether you’re recruiting NPs or PAs for your private practice, or if you’re a candidate in your post-graduation career hunt, our recruitment specialists are here to help.

Are you ready to partner with NP PA Recruiters for your mid-level recruitment needs in Salem? Contact us at info@npparecruiters.com to speak to one of our recruitment specialists today.